Vision and mission

Stop Illegal Fishing is working to ensure that fish are caught, traded and processed legally so that African nations and their people enjoy the full benefits of their fishery resources.

Stop Illegal Fishing is an independent African based Not for Profit organisation committed to ending the devastating impacts of illegal fishing. Dedicated to working in partnership with governments, civil society, NGOs, intergovernmental organizations and the fishing industry Stop Illegal Fishing is harnessing the necessary international support and growing African commitment to achieve positive change.

Through a mix of campaigning, education and empowerment, as well as on the ground implementation and support for ongoing and new initiatives, Stop Illegal Fishing is proud to be part of the global effort to stop illegal fishing.

What impact are we having?

The Issues

One in four fish in Africa is caught illegally, this threatens the sustainability of fish stocks, damages the ecosystem and deprives governments of income and people of livelihoods.

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Our Initiatives

Illegal fishing is a complex issue that requires multifaceted responses. Stop Illegal Fishing are working with a range of organisations to bring about change.

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