What is Stop Illegal Fishing?

Stop Illegal Fishing (SIF) is a registered African non-profit organisation working towards ending the devastating impacts of illegal fishing across Africa and beyond.

What does Stop Illegal Fishing do?

Stop Illegal Fishing is tasked by African Governments to work towards ending illegal fishing. Since its inception in 2007, Stop Illegal Fishing has worked across Africa to strengthen cooperation and coordination between governments and partners, through: compiling evidence based advice to feed into policy reform; coordinating an African Voice to influence international fishery policy processes; facilitating communications and education to create awareness; building practical and effective cooperation tools, mechanisms and processes; building capacity; facilitating improved information and intelligence exchange; and building a pro-active Stop Illegal Fishing network.

How is Stop Illegal Fishing different from other organisations that address illegal fishing issues?

We know there are no easy answers to address the crisis of illegal fishing in Africa but we are committed to tackling the root causes of the problem in order to protect our oceans and those who depend upon them. Through a well-coordinated approach of robust policy making, building capacity, and providing the tools and mechanisms to implement change at national, regional and international levels, Stop Illegal Fishing is making a tangible difference. By working in partnership with governments, regional and continental organisations, civil society, monitoring control and surveillance practitioners, NGOs, universities, intergovernmental organizations and the global fishing industry, the Stop Illegal Fishing network is in a unique position to tackle illegal fishing.

Is Stop Illegal Fishing effective?

Stop Illegal Fishing has created one of the largest networks dedicated to finding solutions to the problem of illegal fishing in Africa, and has assisted in the arrest and prosecution of over 50 illegal fishing vessels. See our Impacts pages for more details.

How can I get involved in Stop Illegal Fishing?

Stop Illegal Fishing rely on help and support from a range of individuals and organisations. You can send us your images of fishing vessels, commit to our Industry Charter or donate to support our work.

How is Stop Illegal Fishing funded?

Although Stop Illegal Fishing earns money through the various projects and initiatives it has led or been a part of, the organisation also relies on donations and grants to carry out our work. If you would like to donate and support our work you can do so here.

Where does Stop Illegal Fishing work?

The purpose of Stop Illegal Fishing has evolved since its launch in 2007 from being focused on assisting Southern African countries to now being a global network of partners and individuals that work together to make a difference in the fight against illegal fishing, with a particular focus on Africa. Stop Illegal Fishing has worked with over 50 partners and 30 African countries to facilitate this change.

How can I contact Stop Illegal Fishing?

We welcome your thoughts and comments. Connect with Stop Illegal Fishing on Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
Website: www.stopillegalfishing.org
Email: pct@stopillegalfishing.com

Can I get an interview for my project/dissertation?

We do not have the resources to provide assistance for individual queries from students. There is a wealth of information available on the issues and solutions to illegal fishing on our website. We hope you find this helpful.

What impact are we having?

Tawariq 1

On the 23rd of February 2012, almost three years since its arrest, the High Court of the United Republic of Tanzania delivered a guilty verdict in the case of the fishing vessel Tawariq 1.


The Issues

One in four fish in Africa is caught illegally, this threatens the sustainability of fish stocks, damages the ecosystem and deprives governments of income and people of livelihoods.

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Our Initiatives

Illegal fishing is a complex issue that requires multifaceted responses. Stop Illegal Fishing are working with a range of organisations to bring about change.

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