Stop Illegal Fishing relies on your donations to make a difference.  Through our work we are achieving change. Criminal networks are being exposed. Policy is being changed and human and institutional capacity is being built. These are all long-term processes that require dedication, insight and trust - whether setting up an undercover operation or supporting fisheries officers as they challenge established practices or take on complex inquiries.

Stop Illegal Fishing has a reputation for achieving a lot with very little, on awarding the Margarita Lizárraga Medal the FAO stated that ‘Stop Illegal Fishing demonstrate that a lot can be accomplished with relatively small resources through good networking, the sharing of information, regional and international cooperation, and a strong commitment to stop IUU fishing.’

Through all our work we support the transition to a blue economy where developing countries get real benefit from their fisheries resources.

To do this we need your help.


What impact are we having?

Our Approach

Creating change by informing policy and practice, our hands on experience and investigative work means we are often the first to spot new trends and find ways to challenge these.


The Issues

One in four fish in Africa is caught illegally, this threatens the sustainability of fish stocks, damages the ecosystem and deprives governments of income and people of livelihoods.

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Our Initiatives

Illegal fishing is a complex issue that requires multifaceted responses. Stop Illegal Fishing are working with a range of organisations to bring about change.

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