Illegal fishing is a complex issue with illegal operators who take advantage of weaknesses in the law, the lack of capacity to police national waters and poor governance. Finding solutions to these problems requires engagement and action at many levels. Stop Illegal Fishing is working nationally with governments and enforcement agencies, regionally through the FISH-i Africa and West Africa Task Forces, internationally - influencing policy and informing the debate, as well as with industry and the public. Find out more about some of our initiatives

FISH-i Africa

FISH-i Africa is a partnership of eight East African countries that cooperate to combat large-scale illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean through information-sharing and regional coordination.


Implementing Port State Measures

African ports are critical to the global implementation of port State measures and the success of the PSMA as a global instrument to tackle illegal fishing. Stop Illegal Fishing is working to support the implementation of Port State Measures.

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West Africa Task Force

The West Africa Task Force was formed in 2015 to provide a regional approach to fisheries enforcement. Hosted by the FCWC it brings together Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Togo.


SIF Investigative Unit

Stop Illegal Fishing have created a team of fisheries specialists with legal, analytical and technical expertise. This team has been formalized in 2016 to become the Stop Illegal Fishing Investigative Unit with operational head quarters in Botswana.



Vessel identity fraud is a key factor in many cases of illegal fishing and fisheries crime. Stop Illegal Fishing are working to make fishing vessels VISIBLE by creating a database of information on fishing vessels. Send us your photos.


Industry Charter

Illegal fishing undermines the legitimate industry with devastating effects on the environment and the future sustainability of fish stocks. Industry has a key role to play to make sure that illegally caught fish do not enter the supply chain.


African Voice

Stop Illegal Fishing works to strengthen the ‘African Voice’ in international fisheries fora by supporting African governments in formulating and promoting common positions in these negotiations.